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My philosophy is to create your own work and not wait for someone else to misrepresent your story.

Yellow Dress is a short film inspired by my one person play by the same title. I knew that no one would write this story for me, so after a disappointing audition, I put fingers to keyboard and began to type.

I had a difficult childhood. My life today, fortunately, is fulfilled with a toddler and loving husband.

I have learned to claim my personal narrative and allow it to move through my work. My experiences propel my creativity as I explore themes of motherhood, abandonment, family, death, loss, and my multiple identities of Korean, Korean American, and Korean adoptee. Nothing is too sacred and I create characters that succumb to or become victims of memory.

The big takeaway from my short film, Yellow Dress, is that a healthy, loving family life can be an antidote to trauma.

Yellow Dress has been honored and recognized by 31 film festivals, the latest is a WINNING AWARD granted by THE NEW YORK MOVIE AWARDS.